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About Osalo

There are many myths surrounding colonics. As a registered nurse (RGN) and registered colon hydrotherapist, I want to help dispel some of these myths and offer you an effective and reassuring service at Osalo, where you can enjoy the benefits of colon cleansing and individual detox plans.

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“The human body, at peace with itself, is more precious than the rarest gem. Cherish your body; it is yours this one time only.”


Health Advice

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Planning, listening to your body, resting when you are tired, getting enough sleep, eating fresh, organic produce with plenty of raw, salad vegetables, protein, healthy fats and carbohydrates in balance are vital in keeping us well.

We easily forget when we eat something good for us, to fully recognise this. We all know how it feels after we eat something ‘bad’ for us.

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Medical Form

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Could you please print out our medical form which is in PDF format and fill it in fully before you come for an appointment.

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